Shower KIT Series coming soon - Available late August 2021

With our Excellent Shower KITs, you can transform your shower area, into fitting your needs – not the other way around! There are 3 versions of the Shower KIT to choose from, depending on your bathroom facilities. Choose your preferred type to learn more.


Platform and ramp

Platform, ramp and corner

Preassembled Ramp KIT Systems - Easy access where you need it

The Ramp KIT Systems are produced and preassembled by Excellent Systems. This makes them easy to assemble and adjust in height. No specialist equipment needed. Choose your preferred height to learn more.

Height: 1,8 – 5,5 cm

Height: 3,6 – 9,1 cm

Height: 7,2 – 12,7 cm

Height: 10,8 – 16,3 cm

Height: 14,4 – 19,9 cm

Elements of the Ramp KIT Series

The Ramp KIT systems are based on 3 preassembled and adjustable systems: the Ramp, the Platform and the Corner. The 3 elements can be assembled and adjusted to fit your specific needs.

Ramp KIT

KIT Platform

KIT Corner

Different types of Ramp KIT Installations

The Ramp KIT systems can be fitted to heighten accessability in many ways. Here are a few examples of the type of installations you can create.

More inspiration

Need easier access to your home, work, parking or more? If you can imagine it, you can build it with Ramp KIT.

Ramp Assembly and Fitting

No need to buy special equipment. See instructions and videos.

Shower Assembly and Fitting

Create easy access to your shower. See instructions and videos.

Sustainable Production

Learn more about our sustainable materials and production.


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