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Further Assembly and Fitting of Ramp KITS

Installing a Ramp KIT system does not require specialist tools or knowledge. These ramps are specifically created to be easily assembled, fitted and adjusted to suit your needs. 

Instructions for the specific Ramp KIT systems, you’ll find here. Any further assembly and fitting instructions, you’ll find below.

PDF Guides and Instructions

Please note:

To ensure correct and safe assembly and use of the systems, please read our safety instructions. These are for the use of Excellent Systems’ plastics modules for floors and ramps for people with disabilities and users of wheelchairs, rollators and other vehicles.

Go to Safety Instructions here.

Not sure what KIT to use?

Learn how to use the Ramp O Meter from Excellent, to find the correct height. See the instruction video here.

Ramp KIT Series: Information, Guides and Instruction

Ramp KIT 1 Series

Height: 1,8 – 5,5 cm

Ramp KIT 2 Series

Height: 3,6 – 9,1 cm

Ramp KIT 3 Series

Height: 7,2 – 12,7 cm

Ramp KIT 4 Series

Height: 10,8 – 16,3 cm

Ramp KIT 5 Series

Height: 14,4 – 19,9 cm

Need Help?

Check out our FAQ's or send us an email, and we'll help you get the right KIT.