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About Excellent Systems A/S

KIT Systems are created by the Danish company Excellent Systems. To us, great products, sustainable materials and responsible production is just good business. As a result, we have created a business model, that impacts the environment as little as possible.

Read more about our sustainable production here.

We started in 1992, producing flooring for the industry. The mats are specifically designed to protect the back and legs for employees, standing on e.g. factory floors. After that, we started selling slip-resistant versions, to be used in bathrooms or environments with oils, grease, algae, etc.

Offices of Excellent Systems

Excellent is all about accessibility

In 1996 we expanded our product range to the Rehabilitation industry. In fact, our range of adjustable ramps and mats are unique in the accessibility market.  We are proud to create sustainable access, all over the world. See our map of distributors, to find your nearest one.

We also create frostproof spacers for paving projects.They secure identical, strong and durable gaps in the paving, as well as for local rainwater drainage and traditional use. For flat roof terraces and balconies, we have likewise invented stackable paving supports; PaveSystems. Its an excellent system for heightening and leveling paved as well as wooden deck surfaces.

The material we work with is always the same; Polyethylene. This means, that all our products are made of completely non-toxic plastics; PEHD and PELD, which consist exclusively of hydrogen and carbon. Moreover, as our products are used in industrial environments for e.g. 10-ton trucks, the use of floorings and ramps for wheelchairs, or supports and spacers for paving, is not a problem.  

Our own inventions, locally produced

All products are produced at our factory in Denmark. They are also locally invented, as its our very own Managing Director, Ole Frederiksen, who in fact invents our products.

We make great efforts to reduce the use of raw materials, energy and waste-output in our production. Consequently, the production carries the principles of Cradle to Cradle. We also use the excess heat from our production, to heat our facilities.

At Excellent Systems, we take pride in our workplace, the health and well-being of our colleagues, and a good working environment. You can follow us on Facebook, to stay updated on who we are, and how we work.


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