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Shower KIT 2

The Platform with Ramp

Use Shower KIT 2, if the shower recess area is more than 2 mm lower than the tiles or tray edge. You will then have a platform with a ramp entrance.

Always fill up the whole shower area to avoid accidents.

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Content and dimensions for Shower KIT 2

Shower KIT the platform

W: 25×25 cm
H: 18 mm

W: 13,7×25 cm
H: 18 mm

Slip resistant surface

Strong material

Easy to clean

The surface of the Shower KITs are specially designed to have holes. This is to allow water and soap to pass through the tiles, and down the drain. The design of the holes and pattern make the tile surface slip resistant, so its safe to move around in the shower. All Shower KITs are designed and produced at our own facility in Denmark. Learn more about how we work and who we are, here.

The Shower KITs are made of Polyethylene High Density (PEHD). Therefore, the surface of the tiles and ramps have no pores, and thus cannot absorb bacteria, but remain on the surface. This also means that you can use all types of conventional cleaning agents on the Shower KITs, without damaging them.

As the Shower KITs are not attached to the floor, the tiles can easily be lifted and rinsed. Each layer is removed and rinsed thoroughly. Finally, the floor of the shower is cleaned. For a more intense clean, use a dishwasher, with a high temperature, disinfection and descaling programme. The tiles also tolerate autoclaving (+130° C) to be sterilized. 

Shower assembly and fitting

There is no need to buy special equipment, when installing Shower KITs. See instructions and videos here.

Sustainable Production

Shower KITs are strong and environmentally friendly. Learn more about our sustainable and non-toxic materials and production.


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