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Sustainable Production and Non-toxic Materials

Excellent Systems has always strived for a more sustainable use of our environment, through sustainable production and non-toxic materials. All our products are made from non-toxic PE. We avoid waste through recycling and regeneration of waste materials. The production itself has been sustainable for many years, in regards to its water use: Instead of using copious amounts of water every day for cooling our production facilities, we redirect our cooling water, clean it, recycle it, and use it to heat our offices at the site.

When shipping our products we have, through changes in production, been able to save large amounts of packaging. This method also provides additional 25% more space on the pallet – increasing your delivery. When our products are out of use or worn-out, we offer to collect and regenerate them into new molding granules. Naturally, this also applies to residue from our own production.

Read more about who we are, and how we work.

Non-toxic PE or PELD

All KIT systems are of reusable PELD or PE, without PVC, toxins or smell. The packaging for the KITs are also PE, and can be disposed as soft plastic. See the different packages of the Ramp KIT pages here.

Slip resistant

The KIT system with SlipStop, are extremely slip resistant, making them safer for working environments. To learn more about Surfaces, see the Ramp KIT pages or Shower pages here.

Durable and strong

The KIT system PE products are strong and can bear a weight of up to 2000 kg. Read more about our Slip-resistant floors on our Excellent GRIP page here

Flexible temperatures

All KIT systems can handle temperatures down to -50°C and up to 100°C, making them suitable for most weather and working conditions. See the different fastening solutions for ramps and instructions for Shower KITs here.

Corrosive substances

All our KIT products are acid-resistant, corrosion-free and resistant to household detergents. Read more about the lifecycle and substance tolerance of the material on our Excellent GRIP page here.

Combustion safe

The KIT systems are environmentally friendly, as proven by The Danish Technological Institute. Through testing, they have proved the products to be harmless and neutral by combustion. Read more about our tests of the material on our Excellent GRIP page here.

Cradle to cradle

Apart from being non-toxic, PELD and PE can be 100% recycled into other items. Our production of KIT systems is therfore a waste-free, cradle to cradle production, as any defective products and shortened items, can be sent to regeneration at our production facility.

Read more about how we work with cradle to cradle on our main page.

To support a sustainable environment, Excellent Systems offers all customers to send back their worn, broken residues of ramps or tiles to us. The parts will be recycled and re-entered into our production. Apart from the delivery fee, this service is free of charge. To save the fee, simply ask our technicians to pick up the materials, when they are nearby. In Denmark, this can be arranged with our assembly department, by calling phone no. :+45 8637 7133. For international customers, please see our Distributor map, or send an email to sales@ex-as.com, and we will contact your local supplier.