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+45 8637 7133

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The Ramp KIT System comes in 5 different series. In order to choose the right series, you need to know the height and width of the door opening. You can use the Ramp O meter to measure the correct height of your ramp. Contact your local supplier or send us an email, to order your Ramp O Meter.

In every KIT there is a manual of how to install the KIT. You do not need any special equipment to install a Ramp KIT. Only tool needed is a rubber hammer. Choose your KIT number here, to follow the simple instruction video for the system. 

Excellent Systems has always strived for a more sustainable use of our environment, through sustainable production and non-toxic materials. Read more about them here.

Yes you can! After choosing your ramp KIT, go to Download Instructions on the specific Ramp KIT page. See an example of such an instruction here.

Yes, you can always add extra KIT corners, platforms to your existing KIT ramp. After choosing your Ramp KIT, go to the Download Instructions section, and find the instruction you need. See an example of such an instruction here.

Please write us an email with your query, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.