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Safety Instructions

These safety instructions are for the use of Excellent Systems’ plastics modules for floors and ramps for people with disabilities and users of wheelchairs, rollators and other vehicles.

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1. When erecting floors or ramps, see the instructions supplied, with accompanying guidance CD-ROM if applicable. These must be followed in full. Otherwise, floor or ramps must be mounted by authorised staff. Excellent Systems A/S accepts no responsibility for injuries caused by incorrect mounting. See also EN 12182, including page 21 table 2 concerning distances between e.g. erected ramps and other parts of the building. This distance must be less than 35 mm or more than 100 mm. Ramps and platforms must always be mounted on a firm and even surface in accordance with the above-mentioned instructions.

2. When erecting a ramp, please note that any kind of gradient may cause difficulties for a wheelchair user/person on foot. All ramps erected must therefore be assessed in relation to the individual user and the local authority regulations, and be constructed in such a way that there is a reasonable relationship between the gradient and the user’s physique. The individual builder/fitter is responsible for providing the ramp with the necessary signage in accordance with locally applicable rules for the prevention of fall accidents. If the desired gradient cannot be achieved in the space available, possibly with a resting platform, the user must have a helper available when negotiating the ramp.

3. During erection of the ramp, loose bits such as screws etc. may be swallowed or otherwise cause damage. These bits should therefore be kept away from children and others incapable of looking after themselves.

4. Check that the ramp is correctly assembled and mounted before it is put into service in order to avoid injuries during subsequent use.

5. Depending on their height, ramps may require a guiding edge. A guiding edge is used to prevent vehicle wheels from accidentally running over the edge of the ramp, with the associated risk of personal injury. The height at which a ramp requires a guiding edge varies from country to country. See the local regulations, which must be observed at all times. If a guiding edge is required, the edge system supplied by Excellent Systems A/S can be used. The edge system has been designed to fit the ramp system and has been tested for the purpose.

6. In public spaces and/or where heavy traffic by users on foot and wheels is anticipated, it is an advantage to construct the ramp with contrasting colours. The use of a different colour, e.g. yellow at the bottom and top of the ramp, will make it easier for the users to see when they are moving up and down the ramp, which is particularly helpful for visually impaired users.


7. The Excellent modules are designed as floor and/or ramp modules and must be used in accordance with the instructions. Any use of the modules which does not comply with the instructions will be regarded as incorrect use/misuse, which is strongly discouraged. Excellent Systems A/S accepts no responsibility if the modules are incorrectly used/applied.

8. The modules are exclusively designed for users on foot, in wheelchairs or users of rollators. The modules have a load capacity of 800 kN/m2.

9. The floor and/or ramp modules come with surface holes as standard. Their purpose is to strain away as much water, dust and soil as possible. At the same time, the holes help distribute friction and reduce acoustic noise. The holes are square and measure 11 x 11 mm. Attention should therefore be drawn to the possibility of especially young children putting their fingers in the holes, with the associated risk of their fingers getting stuck. Young children therefore should not be allowed on the floor/ramp unsupervised. If a child is laid on the floor, an underlay in the form of a blanket or similar is recommended. The blanket should cover an area larger than the child’s immediate reach.

10. In locations frequented by persons with stilettos or other pointed footwear, tiles/ramps of the Excellent type WITHOUT holes should be used. These modules may be of another colour, so that their position is clearly indicated.

Maintenance, etc.:

11. Regular maintenance, including cleaning and checking that the mounting remains intact, is crucial if the qualities of the floor/ramps are to be retained.

12. The modules of floors and ramps used indoors should be vacuumed and washed at suitable intervals. The floor/ramp should also be lifted for cleaning underneath when necessary. If the modules are accidentally soiled by “body liquids” such as diarrhoea, they should be disinfected. The modules tolerate disinfection with all known cleaning agents. They can also be autoclaved. The cleaning frequency and extent should be agreed with the supervising doctor.

13. Modules used outdoors can also be cleaned with all known cleaning agents and by steam cleaning, if required. The cleaning frequency and extent should be agreed with the supervising doctor. In areas exposed to frost, the risk of ice formation should be noted. As ice reduces friction, it is essential that the modules are cleaned, possibly by steam cleaning or other heat application, and then sanded or salted. See the guidelines issued by the local authorities. The ramp owner is responsible for regularly assessing the usability of the ramp as a result of the weather conditions and drawing attention to reduced usability/risk of falling by signage as required or alternatively temporarily discontinuing the use of the ramp.


14. According to the Danish Technological Institute, the modules (the polyethylene) will begin to decompose at temperatures far above their usage temperature (at approx. 300°C) and give off mainly hydrocarbons, which are not particularly toxic or aggressive. Complete combustion of polyethylene almost exclusively produces carbon dioxide and water, i.e. non-toxic compounds. Excellent modules therefore should not be erected/mounted above flammable materials, which might cause a fire to start below or alongside the modules, as the ramps cannot be used as escape routes in such cases. Follow the safety instructions.

15. See also the local supplier’s additional safety instructions, which must likewise be followed/observed in full.

16. Contact the local supplier in case of any doubt about mounting, use or maintenance of the floor/ramp, as incorrect mounting, use or maintenance can involve a risk of injuries. Excellent Systems A/S accepts no responsibility in the case of incorrect assembly/mounting, use or maintenance.


End of safety instructions. For further information, please read our:

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